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I endeavor to make handmade, wheel turned pottery and folk pottery in the "Catawba Valley Style".  Most of my pots are made using local clays and fired in a traditional wood fired kiln known as a "groundhog".  (Because it is very low and partially underground)

The Process


Cleaning the kiln of ashes from the last firing begins the process.


After loading the pots in the kiln, a small fire is started and built up to create an extremely hot controlled inferno.


A view of some pots during the firing of the kiln.




Kiln Opening 

Ed Lane and Steve Abee

2349 Mystery Trail Lane

Lenoir, NC

Preview 9 am

Sale Begins at 10 am

November 12, 2022


A short video of the "Blast" towards the end of the firing. The kiln is then closed off and allowed to cool for 2-3 days before unloading.

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