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My Recent Work

Traditional Utilitarian Pots & Folk Pottery

jugs with runs.JPG

Jugs with glass runs


(left to right)

Pinch Jug

Storage Jar

Mini Face Jug


Bud Vase 

(Pinch jug and budvase are swirlware)

dogwood n devil n face.jpg

(left to right) Dogwood designed churn jar, devil face jug, face jug

Events 5.jpg

(left to right) Lidded storage jar, face jug, lidded storage jar

new pots 2018.JPG

(left to right) Three examples of swirlware pots - vase, whale, jug (Notice mini face jug in whale's mouth)

greenswirl paperboy.JPG

(left to right) 

Folk animals - owl, rooster, whale

Folk pot figural swirlware wig stand

(I called 'Paperboy')

new folk pcs.JPG


Wheel turned and altered by hand in special blue ash glaze

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